Top Five Business Mistakes

The Freelance Folder blog posted recently this great list of five biggest freelancing mistakes.  In brief, the points that they mention are:

  1. Under-pricing
  2. Over-committing
  3. Failing to Sell (failure to demonstrate how you  or your service is truly valuable)
  4. Always Saying Yes
  5. Not Following Up

I would argue that this may also be five of the biggest mistakes that any business, any department, or even any individual in a given business makes.  Failing to do any of these things with your clients- whether your client is a coworker, another department, or a customer- are all things that can lead to your long-term failure.  They are all mistakes that damage your reputation, your integrity, and your perceived value.

Ask yourself now- am I guilty of any of these things?  Is my department?  Is my business?  What is the effect it is having?  How can I turn things around?

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